Biotech Insight publishes frequent news alerts regarding biotechnology companies, aimed specifically at investors. These alerts discuss recent developments in biotech, analysis of a given company’s current and future products and any topical news or events. The editorial staff always seeks to place newsworthy events in a context that has value to the investor. Information is distributed by email and also archived on the web. Subscribers have access to all past letters and alerts.

The purpose of Biotech Insight is to evaluate a company’s science in order to demystify the concepts and to estimate the potential impact in the medical marketplace. It is important to determine whether the science is a fundamental advance or merely represents an incremental achievement. Biotech Insight offers analysis of competing approaches as well as the potential longevity of a particular technology.

The primary focus of Biotech Insight is on small and mid cap companies that are in late phase two and phase three studies. The importance of being near the end of the clinical trial cycle is evident in the current investment climate. However certain companies, which do not meet this profile, may be featured if they have great science or a broad-based approach. These companies may be further from the market place but still represent well-placed bets by the patient investor.

The alerts are written primarily for physicians and other investors with some sophistication in the medical sciences. While familiarity with medical terminology will be helpful, knowledge of basic sciences such as molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry will not be necessary to understand the presentations.

Although the primary emphasis is on the quality and potential impact of a company’s science, attention will also be directed to its leadership, financial resources, alliances and marketing arrangements. Market impact, marketing rights and size of market will be noted. The larger cap biotechnology companies that still represent good values will also be noted, although they are not our focus.